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No vinyl, no CDs, and no mp3s, Spitzer Space Telescope’s Colonies in the Wild Frontier is the very first album of its kind — an app for your smart phones and devices. Colonies is an entire world of music and art for you to explore. Every song is presented via 2 or more videos, each set in a different period, along with a box set’s worth of lyrics, sheet music, art and related videos. Inspired by traditional folk music forms, the entire album mimics the folk process of adaptation. Each set of videos is the lifespan of a folksong: a group of hardy men perform work song “99 Years Holler” in a stark scene seemingly ripped out of the 1950s; a slick young guy does a Youtube tutorial of what’s become “Railroad Holler Blues”; then a modern historian explains the origin of the work song. As authentically vintage as the videos may appear, every one of them features original music and footage by Spitzer Space Telescope.  A 4+ year labor intensive project, Colonies in the Wild Frontier is now available for download at the App Store and Google Play.

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