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Download the ground-breaking new album from folksinger Spitzer Space Telescope. Colonies in the Wild Frontier is a complete reinvention of the music album– its an immersive, interactive listening experience that goes far beyond the limits of the vinyl record and the mp3.

“Since this is an app, it’s opened the door for so many possibilities that we’ve never had before.” – Paste

“…a project four years in the making that contains all of his work so far as Spitzer Space Telescope, augmenting traditional conventions to create a totally new concept- the interactive music album.” – Elmore Magazine

“There is no music release like this in 2016. Colonies in the Wild Frontier has passion, intelligence in both its composition and presentation, and shows an artist at work who can think outside the box in a transformational way. Spitzer Space Telescope has reached its greatest peak yet with this work.” – Band Blurb

“Spitzer Space Telescope has raised the bar for what a song collection can be …” – Vents Magazine


Spitzer Space Telescope & The Jersey Devil EP  2010

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Spitzer Space Telesope 2009

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